Cloud Hosting

Adixtion Managed Cloud

Adixtion Managed Cloud is our core hosting offering. Created by cloud experts with over 15 years industry experience, Adixtion Managed Cloud is hosted on our own infrastructure, giving us full control. Unlike a public cloud solution, Adixtion Managed Cloud is only used by our verified customers for added security.

Private Cloud

Our private cloud runs on hardware dedicated to your organisation. No shared resources means that you have the ultimate in security. Adixtion’s private cloud keeps sensitive information locked down, ensuring that your data is secure. You get full control of every aspect of your server. We’re here to help if needed, for added peace of mind.

Hybrid Cloud

Adixtion’s Hybrid Cloud set up can be a combination of on-premise, Private Cloud and Managed Cloud services, working together in tandem. Hybrid Cloud provides your business with the security and control of a Private Cloud and the flexibility and cost savings of Public Cloud. Additionally, any legacy applications or localised data on your premises will be part of your overall platform.

Adixtion’s Hybrid Cloud also offers businesses enhanced flexibility and extended data deployment options. All backed by our Extra Mile support and management.