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    Stored Customer Data

    Every client who subscribes to "Adixtion" hosting services has to provide the following information, which is kept on record as the official contact details: complete postal address, current telephone number and individual email address.

    The above information is used to establish communications with the client once their sign-up is received. "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd" follows a very strict verification process as part of the credit card and PayPal fraud-detection process which involves telephoning some clients, to verify the contact details provided during signup, the payment mode and the exact amount tendered to "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd".

    The above contact details are also listed while registering a domain name for the client, and for any domain transfer request placed by the client. All the domain names under the client's account will show the contact details as submitted by the client, unless stated otherwise. It is required that all clients give a valid postal address for domain registration.

    Customers' email address will be the primary mode of contact and communication at all times. All information related to the account verification, support tickets, invoices, account mails and any other communication, including without limitation newsletter, promotional emails, "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd" related updates and/or announcements would be done through emails. Any account related or service request would have to be sent through the primary email address only as it is also used as a mode of user authentication.

    The primary email address of the user will also be used as the registered administrator's contact email address whenever a domain is registered or transferred.

    "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd" uses web cookies to store client's general Internet preference. These cookies are packets of text sent by the server to a web browser, and then recalled by the browser every time it is accessed by the server. Other purposes of collecting web data through cookies include maintaining user specific information, helping authenticate and track their sessions, to help learn about their browser choice, website preferences and general Internet browsing. However, all these would be of no use what-so-ever in the event of a client changing their browser settings.

    Protecting Data

    "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd" has in place dual procedures involving a combination of electronic and manual steps to secure information submitted by clients.
    All such data for a client in our billing software, as well as official records, is only accessible to "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd's" working personnel and the management itself.
    Managerial clearance has to be obtained for any other data which needs to be accessed by the general staff. These multiple authentication barriers prevent client data from being misused.

    A 128-bit SSL encryption is in place, which guarantees private information stored for the client is secure. "Visiba" includes special training for personnel who would be handling the databases which store such information, which provides cover against any misappropriation or malicious use of such data and information.

    "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd" is bound by US Federal & United Kingdom laws to extend its fullest co-operation and help to any government recognized authorities and agencies as well as Internet watchdogs when they seek information and details of clients registered with "Adixtion Web Solutions Ltd". It is a social as well as corporate obligation to do so. Other than such occasions, client data or information is never provided to any external source whatever the situation maybe.

    If a client requests for the contact information to be stored, or for their website or server files to be deleted completely, or for any other service request for which client authentication is deemed to be mandatory, multiple recognition methods are followed.
    Changes and service requests are processed only after the identity of the client has been established beyond apprehensions.

    Dated Thursday 2nd January 2020